Voice Recorder is good-featured and easy to use audio recording app for Harmony OS powered smartwatches. This recorder provides high quality audio without limits of time (only limited by available storage size). You can use this app as regular Dictaphone for voice notes, interviews, lectures, speeches or business meetings.

Key functions

  1. No time limits. You can record for hours (limited by free storage size).
  2. Changeable bit-rate from 96 up to 256 kbps.
  3. Changeable audio quality and sample rate.
  4. Secret recording. Audio recording in background even when screen is off.
  5. Rename and delete your recordings.
  6. Sorting recordings by name, date and duration.
  7. Automatic stop when detected out of memory.
  8. Nice graphics audio meter.
  9. Live preview for output file size.
  10. Pause function during recording to work like a Dictaphone.
  11. Loud audio recording and additionally a possibility to boost audio volume.
  12. Export audio files direct to phone by Wear Engine or MFT IP Tool (Wifi).
  13. Export audio files direct to computer by MFT IP Tool.
  14. Built-in audio player to play recordings.
  15. Validation system. Orphaned recordings are removed (recording without file).

Supported devices and hardware requirements

Voice Recorder is designed for smartwatches HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series with Harmony OS 2.0+. The app requires a built-in microphone and an access to file system.

Boosting audio volume

Usually the sound samples from the microphone are very quiet. We have added a function to increase the volume during recording up to 4 times. Thanks to this, you can listen to the recordings on the watch even in city traffic.

Export/send audio files

Each recording can be exported to phone or computer for further processing. The application provides several methods of exporting audio recordings. The first and easiest method is to use the Wear Engine. This engine uses Bluetooth connection and needs paired watch by Health app. The second method is to use MFT IP Tool application which uses WIFI connection. This tool is available for phone app as a part of Voice Recorder Companion (AppGallery) and dedicated application to launch on a computer (Windows/MacOS).

Rich settings

The application provides many settings for the quality of the recorded sound. You can decide whether you care about the sound quality or the size of the audio file. To open the settings screen, make the up or down gesture in the main view.

Voice Recorder is ready to download by HUAWEI Health app or AppGallery store.