Galaxy Phone Control provides a set of useful tools to control your phone remotely. The app consists of 2 applications: first for Galaxy watch and second for Android phone called Phone Remote Companion.

Functions you can control on your phone by watch:

  • remote camera control (1)
  • remote microphone control
  • flashlight
  • find a phone
  • sound profile
  • WiFi switcher (2)
  • Bluetooth switcher
  • clipboard texts (3)
  • phone details

Technical troubleshooting depend on Android version.

(1) Since Android 10 launching camera preview from background app like Galaxy Phone Control is not allowed. To use camera remotely on Android 10 you have to choose one from below solutions:

  • (recommended) on your Android phone open Settings/Apps/Phone Control Companion/Advanced and enable permission Display Over Other Apps
  • or open Phone Remote Companion view on Android phone before start camera preview on your watch

(2) Since Android 10 switching WiFi state by other apps is not allowed any more. If you want to use this function please download older version the app from this site. It uses older Android SDK version, now not supported by Google Play.

(3) If you got phone with Android 10 you have to open Phone Remote Companion by its icon and use text-input field to past clipboard text or enter any text and click Send To watch button.

Galaxy Phone Control supports Tizen 2.3.1 – 5.x (smartwatch app) and Android 4.3 – 10 (phone app).

Below you can install the app direct from Galaxy Apps Store if you view this page on phone.