Mobcards is the app to collect all loyalty and membership cards in one application on phone and wearable devices like smartwatch or sport watch.

Watch app (Harmony OS)

Watch app (Garmin OS)

Watch app (Wear OS)

What mobile systems are supported by Mobcards?

Mobcards supports Android based phones and tablets and wearable devices like Garmin and Huawei (Harmony OS).

What wearable systems are supported?

So far the app supports Huawei Harmony OS sport watches like Watch GT 3, 4, Runner, Ultimate, Watch Fit 2. And Garmin watches since API version 3.0.0. It will increase over time.

How to install Mobcards on my Huawei watch?

Open Health app on your phone, click section Devices and find your watch. Click AppGallery section and search Mobcards among list of the apps.

How to install Mobcards on my Garmin watch?

Open Connect IQ Store app on mobile device like phone or tablet. Find Mobcards and click Install.

How to transfer/sync cards from phone app to watch app?

Open Mobcards on your watch. Launch Mobcards on your phone or tablet and find section Watch. If your watch is paired with your mobile device you should see its name and connection state. Choose cards you want to send to watch app. Click Send button. NOTE: watch app can store only limited amount of cards. It depends on watch model. If transferred cards is more then watch app can handle then it will be not saved on watch app. Delete old cards on watch app and repeat above procedure.

Some cards I can’t transfer to my watch?

There are a few cases when you can’t send a card to watch app. 1. If a barcode is wider than screen width of connected watch. In this case scaled down a barcode could be not readable by scanners. 2. It is not allowed to send barcodes over 25 characters to avoid problems with scanners. 3. [Huawei sport watches] Card’s name longer then 16 characters are not allowed. You can open app’s settings and allow to cut off too long names. Then such cards pass tests and will be sent to watch app with success.

How it cost?

Mobcards for Android mobile and all watches is absolutely FREE. However, free license limits amount of cards you can use on watch app. Free license allows to test app on your watch model. You can transfer your cards to watch and use them while do shopping or entering gym or cinema using only cards inside your watch. After successful tests we recommend to extend license to premium. It give us a kick to maintain the project and develop new features.

How to extend to premium?

You can extend free license to premium on mobile app. Click left-top drawer menu and choose option ‚Buy premium’. You can choose between Google Billing engine or HUAWEI Billing engine if installed and detected on mobile device.

I can’t pay for apps in my region/country in Google Play Store. What to do?

In this case you can use payment by AppGallery apps store. Mobcards shows option to pay by AppGallery after detecting HUAWEI ID user from AppGallery. If you dont’ have AppGallery on your mobile device yet, you can install it by Play Store or official Huawei page. Then create an user account. After that Mobcards allows you to choose AppGallery as new option to buy premium items.

Watch application (Harmony OS)

How to transfer cards to my Huawei watch?

At first you have to install Mobcards app on your mobile device. You can download it from AppGallery or Play Store [download links at bottom of this page). After that install Mobcards on your Huawei watch. Open Huawei Health app, find your connected watch and click AppGallery section. Install Mobcards app. Create/scan your cards on mobile app. Then open Watch view. If your watch and mobile devices are paired and connected by Huawei Health app, Mobcards app on watch should start automatically. Otherwise launch it manually. Finally, select cards you want to send to watch app and click ‚Send’.

Learn how send cards to Huawei Watch Fit 2 but this method works the same on other watches.

How can I delete cards on my Huawei sport watch?

Click long press on a card to open confirmation dialog. Click confirm button to delete this card. Note: this does not affect cards stored on your phone. It will be deleted only on watch. To delete all cards at once you must launch phone app, open Watch view and send command ‚Delete all cards’. It deletes all cards on watch app remotely.

Cards on my watch are drawn incorrect. How to fix it?

Probably you use old version of Harmony OS on your watch. Open HUAWEI Health app and upgrade firmware for your watch to the last version. Then delete all cards on watch app and send them again.

Watch application (Garmin OS)

What about support for iOS devices like iPhones?

So far we support only Android mobile device. However, you can use Mobcards on your iPhone too. User with iOS system can use friendly Android device to upload theirs cards with delivery channel via Internet. The token copied to clipboard transfer somehow to Garmin Connect IQ app on your iPhone mobile device and paste on Setting view for Mobcards app. After that remember a token created for your cards in some secure place in case you want to upgrade your prior created cards in the feature. Then use your saved token by copy/paste in Mobcards Android mobile app, add a new card and upload to proxy server. On the watch side trigger download cards action to download new card(s) on your watch. Keep your token private.

How can I delete cards on my Garmin watch?

To delete a card on Garmin watch click in the center of the barcode to open deletion popup confirmation. Choose YES in case touch screens or UP to delete the card. To delete all cards at once you have to start phone app and send command ‚Delete all cards’. In case mode cards delivery channel via Internet open Settings on Mobcards page in Garmin Connect IQ and check ‚Delete all cards’. After launching watch app next time all cards will be deleted.

I installed Mobcards both on my Garmin watch and phone but I can’t transfer cards from phone to my watch. Phone app can’t see my watch. How to resolve it?

To send your cards to watch app you have to open Mobcards on phone, open Watch view (left-top menu drawer) and then launch Mobcards on your Garmin watch. The connection should be ready after a few seconds. If watch app and phone still are not connected each other make sure your watch is connected inside Garmin Connect app and if you have installed Garmin Mobile plugin on your phone. This plugin is responsible for communication phone-watch.

I can see my Garmin watch name on phone app screen but still it can’t connect in order to allow me to send my cards to watch app. What to do?

Sometimes Garmin communication engine locks access for Bluetooth communication for other apps. We recommend to restart watch for a second or even do the same for phone/tablet.

Connection problems phone-watch app using delivery channel via Bluetooth. Recap:

In case communication issue you check below:

  1. Make sure you have installed Garmin Mobile plugin.
  2. Install last version Mobcards for watch.
  3. Install last version Mobcards for phone/tablet device.
  4. Open app on phone, go to Watch view (left-top drawer menu).
  5. Open watch app. After a few seconds it can connect each other. If not click top-right ‚refresh connection’ icon.

What can happen wrong?

  1. If you can’t see your Garmin watch name on Watch page in mobile app,
    probably Garmin Mobile plugin is not installed on mobile or Bluetooth is not enabled. Additional, check if your watch is connected/synced in official Garmin Connect app.
  2. If you can see your Garmin watch name on Watch page in mobile app but still connection doesn’t work, you have to restart your watch for a moment or mobile device too. It restart Garmin communication services.
Learn how to use delivery channel via Bluetooth (locally).

How to use cards delivery channel via Internet?

Since version 1.0.2 (watch app) Mobcards exposes 2nd way to transfer cards to Garmin watch app – delivery cards via Internet. As before for Bluetooth connection your have to use Mobcards on mobile device, create cards, open Watch view, select Garmin OS and among next menu items choose Delivery cards: via Internet. This channel uses proxy server to keep cards for watch app. After your cards were transferred to your Garmin watch app you can delete cards from proxy server using button ‚Delete all cards’. If don’t have any cards on watch app yet, you don’t have to swipe left to download cards. The app will try to download cards automatically in cards delivery channel via Internet. Always you can add new cards on mobile app and then you should swipe left to download new cards on your watch. If you do nothing your watch app will work fully offline. The picture below shows step by step how to use cards delivery channel via Internet.

Learn how to use delivery channel via Internet

What is backup token for?

The token is used only in delivery channel via Internet. At starting first time Mobcards on you mobile you get unique token value. It is used to send your cards and get an access to them on watch app. To make sure the token used for you cards will be not changed at next re-installation mobile app, you should to save this token in order to use it in other time. Use option ‚Save token’. With the token you can create/scan cards on any Android based phone and use your old token. To use backup token open Settings view on mobile app and put your token in the field ‚Backup token’ and enable using backup token. For now, your cards will be send to proxy server with your backup token. Make sure backup token is the same in Settings on page Mobcards in Garmin Connect IQ mobile app. If not, you have to copy/paste it ans Save changes. Now after starting Mobcards on your watch your old cards will be downloaded automatically if you don’t have any cards yet, otherwise you have to use a gesture swipe left to download cards.

How to delete all cards in delivery channel via internet?

Open Garmin Connect IQ store on your mobile device, find Mobcards app and open Settings. Select option Delete all cards. Launch watch app. At start it deletes all cards and option in Settings will be unchecked. To delete current shown card you can do it on watch app. Click in the middle of the screen or press button SET to open confirmation view.

What does option ‚Show only barcode on white background’?

This option forces to draw barcodes on white background without extra texts like card name or cards counter. It might be very helpful if a card covers the most part of the screen on small watch screen. Scanners will be grateful for that option because a barcode is more readable. On touch screens user can enable this option direct on watch app. Just click right part of the screen to enable the option. Additionally, you can enable this option in Settings view on Mobcards page in Garmin Connect IQ apps store.

I bought new Garmin smartwatch. How to use my old cards on the new device?

You can restore your cards on new watch if you have stored a token value somewhere. First, install Mobcards on your new watch and paste your token value in Settings on Mobcards page in Garmin Connect IQ app and select delivery channel ‚via Internet’. Don’t forget to click ‚Save’. Next, launch Mobcards on your watch. It is done. Mobcards will try to download your old cards automatically.

How to control functions in Mobcards?

The most functions you can use direct on the app screen by click in selected area or press a hardware button. Some functions are also available by Settings view on Mobcards page in Garmin Connect IQ apps store. The picture below shows places where you need to click or press hardware button to enable some function.

Watch app (Google Wear OS)

How to transfer/sync cards from phone app to watch app?

Click top-right watch symbol to open Watch view. As default all cards are selected to transfer. Click ‚Send’ button to transfer all cards to Mobcards app installed on Wear OS powered watch. In case FREE license only a few cards you can send to watch app.

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Install Mobcards on Garmin watch from Garmin Connect IQ apps store.
Download Mobcards for phone/tablet from Play Store.
Download Mobcards for phone/tablet from Huawei AppGallery apps store. NOTE: this version supports only Harmony OS watches.