Speedometer can track your speed when your walking, running or biking. It shows speed graph and avg, min and max speed. This app uses GPS/Location sensor to calculate your speed. That’s why you must move to get correct speed value.


  • shows current speed of walking, riding or even flying
  • speed units: km/h, mph, knots
  • calculate passed distance
  • display GPS data like location, accuracy, altitude
  • compare you speed to other object like bicycle, car, train and others
  • speed chart

To use this app you have to allow to use Location privilege and enable Location in your watch settings. To get good GPS signal use this app outdoor. After 1st run it needs 1-3 minutes to get so called GPS fix.

Tips: click GPS symbol on speed gauge to get GPS details like your location or altitude. Click Info icon on speed gauge to open app’s info.

The app is designed for HarmonyOS powered HUAWEI smartwatches. HarmonyOS is new, very powerful operating system for wearable and other mobile devices.

Speedometer is fully standalone app. It doesn’t need connection to your phone.

Download Speedometer from HUAWEI AppGallery or download by Health app on your phone. Click section Devices, connect to your watch by Bluetooth. Choose Apps button to open list of apps for your smartwatch.