Now you have chance to feel like a real skydiver and see what it is free falling from thousands meters.

You will jump airplane out on 3000 meters or higher and fall down with real physics acceleration. Use accelerometer to move left or right to avoid any objects on your way. Touch screen to increase your speed. Try to hit the middle of the bullseye.

The game is endless. You target is to reach the best points result for every stage. To do it you have to fly so fast as possible and open a parachute in last second before ground impact.

The game has arcade mode – you can play with your friend in rounds.

Sky Jumper requires good reflex to avoid hostile objects and nerves to open parachute in last moment. Are you ready for this?

Tizen App Challange 2013 Participant


  • Programmer: A. Bugajny
  • Graphic artist,: L. Boruszczak
  • Musician: M. Jesionowski