This application plays most of audio files direct on your smartwatch. It works without a phone. It is Standalone app and you don’t need Android /iPhone phone to use it.


☆ audiobooks player

☆ delete audio files inside app (no need extra file manager)

☆ playing controls: play, pause, prev/forward, repeat, loop, shuffle

☆ plays a clicked file (file mode)

☆ plays all files inside a folder (folder mode)

☆ plays a playlist (playlist mode)

☆ export playlists to a file

☆ tested with most popular audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, AMR, M4A, WMA


1. You can install Filesmaster.

2. You can install Blueft

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rick · 29 maja, 2021 o 1:59 am

i downloaded this app in hopes of using it as a podcast and/or audiobook player. i uploaded a test mp3 file to see how it works. the thing is when i play part of the file and the exit the app, the file replays at the beginning again. audiobook players do not work this way. in fact, they are designed to remember the specific position in which it was left at. so…what gives with this? am i missing something here?

    Admin · 30 maja, 2021 o 10:22 am

    Hello Rick,

    It will remember the point you stop listening to an audiobook when you do followings:
    1. Create audiobook folder in folder Music/audiobooks/my_audiobook_folder. Do not use spaces in folder name.
    2. Copy or unpack your audiobook files into folder my_audiobook_folder/
    3. Now open Galaxy Audio Player and click top/center icon with book symbol.
    4. You will see you audiobook folder my_audiobook_folder.
    5. Click the folder. The app will start to play first an audio file in this folder.

    The app remember exit audiobook position when you get by top/center icon to open view with potential audiobook folders.

    my_audiobook_folder is your folder name like MobyDick or Harry_Potter and so on.

    MM Support

    Mark · 14 sierpnia, 2021 o 3:00 pm

    I also would like a ff/rewind feature as well as continue where it left off. I think the option they provided is OK, but a simple option to jog forward or backwards to a specific time would also be a great feature. That seems like it should be a basic function of any music/video player.

      Admin · 24 sierpnia, 2021 o 5:18 pm

      Thanks for your feedback. We will consider new functions in next upgrade.

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