Due to missing magnetic sensor (magnetometer) in Gear and Galaxy watches the app uses location parameters from built-in GPS to calculate a position relative to the North. To get correct position you must travel otherwise the app will show wrong or last known direction.


This GPS compass works correctly under below conditions:

1. The app works outdoor because GPS signal is too low in a building. It will not work correctly at home or in the office.

2. After turning compass on it needs 1-3 minutes to get so called GPS fix. It is device requirement not app.

Use rotating bezel or swipe gestures left/right to show other views.

Click distance counter to change between kilometres, miles and knots.

Click Info or green satellite icon to display geographical coordinates and altitude. Note: altitude is not always returned by watch.

On speedometer view click graph icon to open section with graph drawings. Click for longer time on graph section to reset the graph and stats.

This application works offline.


1. No compass input right after launching this app. No panic. Your Gear watch needs 1-3 minutes to get so called GPS fix before you see anything. After this time it works continuously until you lost GPS signal like entering a building or staying under a big tree.

2. Turn off Bluetooth in your watch to break connection with your phone. Watch doesn’t use own GPS if is connected to phone.

3. Compass still doesn’t work. Probably your are in a building and GPS signal is too low. Go outdoor and it will work again after 1-3 minutes.

4. Turn off your watch for a second. Sometimes Tizen services might blocks an access do gps chipset for other applicaitons. It helps to restart all services and clean up watch’s memory.

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Paul · 20 marca, 2021 o 12:19 pm

does it work on watch active 2 with Tizen 5? thanks

    Admin · 21 marca, 2021 o 9:51 am

    Yes, it works on Galaxy Watch Active 2 too.

Sam Hansen · 2 sierpnia, 2021 o 5:41 pm

I recently purchased your „Compass GPS” app for my Samsung Watch. I’m having trouble downloading it to the phone however. It seems to only get activated from my phone which then says „Check your watch”. It then stays on my watch for only a few minutes. As soon as I use my watch „as a watch”, the Compass app disappears and then I need to use my phone again to activate the app on the watch. What do I need to do so the app stays on my watch without needing to activate it via my phone every time?

    Admin · 24 sierpnia, 2021 o 5:19 pm

    After instillation it should be in watch for good. You don’t need phone any more. If you have installation issue please install it again. Always you pay only one time.

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